Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to describe an image cutout is visually, so below you will two version of same image. On the left is a flat, unasked image; on the right is an image cutout.

We can give you 2 images for free trail service to start with as a new client.

we have worked with many famous fashion houses, cloths, furniture, Jewelry, cars, watches etc.

Ok, the image format can be any kind whether you need it to be JPG for clipping path purposes, or TIFF, PSD, or PNG if you need masking. To know about the format, please inform us.

Surely, the company has two way you can make payment along with submitting the order only accepts your payment if you are greatly satisfied. But advanced payment is most priority.

We use the up-to-date software such as Adobe illustrator CS3, CS5, CS6 etc.

We have a large selection of websites in which you can easily transfer and receive your images through web website or,,, FTP etc.

Yes, we have this option.

If this occurs, don’t worry, just write to us an email and will review it right way and we do our best to correct it in record time. For that you will not pay extra cost.

Off course yes. All our personnel are working under a stick non-disclosure agreement. Our operational technology set up is protected by state of the art firewall for inbound and outbound security and the latest antivirus protection in every computer. Again , flash cards are disabled on all operators computers.