Photo editing to your list of services

Make more money simply by adding and providing photo editing to your list of services.

You’re used to creating beautiful images for your clients when you’re a freelance photographer. However, you know that your work doesn’t stop after you press the shutter button. Online consumers expect perfectly polished, fully edited images nowadays.

Photo editing is part of the job for some photographers. it can be an unnecessary, tedious task they don’t really want to do for others.

If you really enjoy editing photos you can turn that into an up-sell. You might not even need to shoot anymore or you just might trade in your camera to make a living as a photo editor when you set up your photo editing services properly,

In theory you could earn a decent income from home without much hassle.

You might be wondering how to charge for photo editing and what photo editing rates to set.

So here in this article we will mainly discuss about:
How much to charge for editing photos?
Various different methods to calculate your rate.

Let’s define “editing” first. There are various ways to edit any photo and each of them requires a different time, skill, and knowledge.

Firstly there’s simple editing that includes basic changes like color correction or straightening of horizons. Secondly there’s photo retouching that includes more detail like removing glare from glass or extending the background of an image. Finally, there’s special editing that can include things like changing the color of an item or smoothing out wrinkles or swapping out the background entirely. Let’s assume we’re talking about the midpoint more than just exposure and cropping adjustments, but not full beauty retouching for the sake of clarity in this article.

Various methods to calculate your rates
There are a few different ways to set your rates when it comes to pricing your editing. Many photographers or editors may complicated calculations. However, setting editing rates usually boils down to three different methods. One is by the hour, secondly by the project and finally by the image.

How about setting photo editing rates by the hour ?
Setting your rates by the hour is by far the easiest way to price your editing. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best. Chances are that your idea of how long an edit should take and your client’s can be very different.

You might fly through editing the entire session and not have any way to immediately make up the revenue you’ve lost by being too good at your job on the other hand. You should never be be punished for efficiency, right ? Setting your editing rates by the hour typically only works when you’ve got a set of similar images, a clean workflow because of these challenges.

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