Product Image Editing Tips and Tricks


The presentation is very important in promoting and selling the product in the world of online selling.

It won’t get anywhere unless it is presented properly especially in the online mediums where people cannot touch or feel the product, no matter how good the product is . This is when the quality of product images always comes in handy.

You have to show them the product in the best possible way so that they will be attracted to it since customers cannot feel the product, According to eBay product posts that have high-quality images are 5% more likely to be sold. For this reason eCommerce websites these days maintain specific product requirements in order to ensure the integrity of the platform. Below are some things to know about product photo requirements and the importance of quality product images.

Even though there are a lot of eCommerce websites around the web, the three significant sites are Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. All of them have their own specific requirements for product photos,

Firstly the usage of props in the background are highly discouraged as this may end up as misrepresentation if ever the client thinks that the accessory is part of the product. It’s really important to keep the photo clean with just the product in it. Moreover most eCommerce websites would suggest product images with a completely white background. Even though it is not a requirement for all eCommerce platforms except Amazon, it is highly recommended.

Not only is it a must have requirement to have large and clean images, but it is also a big help. The higher the chances of sale, the more the people can see the product. Bigger in size images are also recommended because it gives the image more visibility and makes it look more HD than pix-elated. Specifically products should fill up 85% of the whole picture. In order to optimize the zoom and enlarge functions properly 1200 pixels or higher is recommended as it will highly appeal to the buyers.

Every eCommerce platform will have their own specific rules and regulations about the product image as stated above. Let’s take a look at their requirements below As Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping are currently the three biggest names in the industry.

• Minimum Recommended Pixel Dimension on Longest Size
Amazon’s requirement for minimum pixel dimension is 1001 for apparel and 500 for other types of products. Whereas Google Shopping is 32 and eBay is 500 for all items.

• Minimum Size Requirement for Optimized Zooming
For this 1001 is the requirement of Amazon and 1000 for eBay. On the other hand Google Shopping is not very strict with this rule as they have no size requirement.

• Recommended Percentage Of Product Fills On Image
Amazon requires 85% of the product to fill up the whole image as stated before. On the other hand eBay requires 80-90% of the product to fill the image whereas Google Shopping requires a minimum of 75%.

• Recommended Background Color
Amazon is very strict with its white background rule specifying that the background must be RGB 255-255-255. On the other hand eBay requires either a plain background or light-colored one whereas Google Shopping requires white, grey, or any light color.

• Recommended Borders and logos
None of these allows borders and logos.

• About Applying Watermarks
For Google Shopping and Amazon watermarks are not permitted . However, EBay allows watermarks but allows seller ID and company name only with the opacity less than 50%.

• Lastly Learn Photoshop
Learning how to use Photoshop is actually very important. Photoshop is used for meeting the image requirement of 85% filling up the image and also by not compromising on the image quality. It can be done by cropping the image of the product and pasting it into a white background. Followed by clicking on “Image” then “Resize” and then “File Size” to keep the image quality. The desired or optimum size is 1,000 megapixels and above.

These rules were set up on the first place to not only help maintain the quality of the marketplace platform but to also help the sellers get their products sold. In today’s internet where visuals are very important to the everyday consumers, sellers tend to do their best to give what their customers want. Because of this trend and demand that sellers must now posses sufficient skills and knowledge at product photography and photo editing. Product photography and editing services are also offered to those who are not adept at it.

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